When Destiny Calls



This is Life

Postmodern Fantasy brings a fresh wind into the Symphonic Metal Scene!


Somewhere between heavy guitars and dancy synths, the band creates their very own hypnotizing sound. 


„This Is Life“ is the first track of the upcoming debut album. It is a homage to life itself, celebrating all the ups and downs that we face along the way.

The song begins with a simple, but extremely catchy melody that evolves into a bewitching chorus. Accompanied by an exceedingly powerful video, the imagery switches between the brightest of light and deepest of darkness. Both video and song experiment with the duality of light and shadow- a duality we all face everyday, around us, in the ones we love and within our very selves.

Kristian "Kohle" Kohlmannslehner from the famous Kohlekeller Studios really made this song sound next level!

Postmodern Fantasy creates a mixture of various influences but still never fails to keep it simple. With „This Is Life“ the band has released a captivating piece of music that leaves us craving for more.


Postmodern Fantasy GbR   IMPRESSUM